M  A  J  O  R    L  E  A  G  U  E     R  O  L  L  E  R      H  O  C  K  E  Y
Noun: fil-bus-ter (fil-uh-buhs-ter)
a. the use of irregular or obstructive
tactics by a member of a legislative assembly to prevent the adoption of a measure generally favored or to force a decision against the will of the majority.  b. an exceptionally long speech to accomplish this purpose.  c. a baaad Major League Roller hockey team dedicated to creating mayhem and unmitigated violence.
Bill Raue, MLRH President and Founder, is rewarding an Alexandria, VA, group, Friends
of Alexandria In-Line, with an ownership stake in the new MLRH franchise. "This group raised thousands of dollars to resurface the Alexandria In-Line  roller hockey rink two years
ago and, as a way of saying "Thanks," I thought it would be great fun for them to own the team.
While I wanted to see a team in the DC area, as owner of the league, I obviously cannot be involved with the day-to-day operations of the team as it would be a clear conflict of interest."

"This organization has several hundred members and they love the sport so I expect them to
get a real kick out of owning a team.  I do envision some of the guys saying "I own a pro sports team" as part of a pick-up line in a sports bar. Go Filibusters!"

Non-Profit Group to own Filibusters
Long history of roller hockey in DC
The Filibusters are playing in a city that was playing the game in 1927.  The above ad for
the "Thrilling Roller Hockey Game" may have beena bit much but today, there are pick-up games in front of the White House and the sport is booming.  Go Busters!
'Hope these guys have Obamacare!"
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Filibusters on
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Major League Roller Hockey (MLRH) has announced
that the DC Filibusters, an MLRH expansion team, will open their season at an MLRH Pro Tour event in Pittsburgh, January 11.
In addition to the Busters, the opening East Coast event will include the Philadelphia Delco Demons, The Chicago Bulldogs, another MLRH expansion team with the fourth slot to be filled by the
Chicago Carnage or a host Pittsburgh team.

Two "prime time" games at 7:00 and 8:00 PM will be carried live on Roller Hockey TV.  Last season. MLRH games and programing was viewed by over 700,000 fans, a stunning  number for roller hockey and the addition of the Filibusters can only add to our viewers enjoyment of the games.  
Pete Oshana (left) is
acting as an adviser to The Philibusters.

Left to Right:
Nick Glover, Dylan
Smith and Robert Laska
For more information about the DC Filibusters, call 703-535-5996 or e-mail:   bill@mlrh.com 
TV Debut
The Filibusters will be wearing a little bit of American
history when they open play.  The background fabric
has he Declaration of Independence as part of the
Bladerunners Arena Harrmerville,
66 Alpha Drive West
Pittsburgh, PA  15238